Advanced Settings

Expire Settings:

The advanced setting lets you choose an expiring date and time for your data event. Once the event has expired the event will not be accessible for data collection.

The expire setting can be found at the bottom of the page when clicking on 'Advanced Settings'. 


The Expire settings can be set to either 'Never expire' or 'After activation'. By default, all data events in Greenlight Guru Clinical are set NOT to expire. If 'After activation' is chosen, the duration of time before expiring may be specified (hours/days).


The expiring date and time will only apply for the specific data event you add it to, it does not apply to the whole process! If you want multiple expiring dates and times you must set these for all data events. 

Subject Event reminders:

For Subject Event, you can choose to send a reminder(s) to your subject before the data event expire. This is done by clicking Send Reminder button, and then choose the date and time for the reminder(s) to b send out. 

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 14.12.04