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SMART-TRIAL being a web-based application relies on browsers to function. Choosing the right browser is important to ensure stable, reliable, and secure performance.

SMART-TRIAL is developed to function optimally on ChromeFirefoxSafari, and Edge, with these browsers you will get the best experience when using SMART-TRIAL.

The general advice is to always use the newest version of your browser both for enhanced performance and to minimize security risks, but we do support older versions of the browsers, see below:

  • Google Chrome version 50 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox version 50 and above
  • Microsoft Edge version 38 and above
  • Safari version 10 and above

We are aware many hospitals still use Internet Explorer 11, which is why we support it.

With support, we mean that the browser CAN be used, but we do NOT recommend it as it will not provide you with an optimal experience of SMART-TRIAL. In regard to functionality, you can expect slightly slower loading time, because the browser is simply not as fast as its modern successors, additionally you can expect some layout issues. SMART-TRIAL will function, but the user experience is slightly reduced.

If you are using an android phone to access SMART-TRIAL, please do not use the standard browser on your android device, as we do not support these unless it has Chrome as default.