Connected Devices

Send data directly from wearables and other devices to SMART-TRIAL.

The Connected Devices addon allows you to send data from any device/wearable directly to SMART-TRIAL, ensuring you have all data stored in one place.

Delivering data to the SMART-TRIAL Data API from your connected devices, requires some groundwork. Typically a piece of middleware is required, to ensure data gets pulled from a central database or directly from the subjects device, formatted properly, and then sent to the Data API with the correct subject enrollment ids.

Please see the Data API documentation HERE.

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Setup Schema

To send data from connected devices, it requires that schemas are defined using the "Schema" resources. The schema will define which input is allowed, and will be used to validate the sent data (type and uniqueness (if enabled)).

As many schemas can be defined as desired, but consider that it should make sense from data analysis point of view, once the data is later pulled out from the system to be analysed.

Deliver data

If big amount of data is collected from devices, ensure it is CHUNKED prior to sending it to the Data API. Any request with a body above 1MiB will be rejected.


  • Max size of request: 1 MiB
  • Max requests per minute: 60