Create Forms

To create a form:

  1. Go to [Study Name] to get to the form overview
  2. Click + New Form.
  3. Select Form in the Form Type drop-down (default)
  4. Enter the name of the form and specify the form details.
  5. Click Add Question at the bottom. A part where you can specify the question details will unfold.
  6. Select Question Type and specify the question details.
    Add as many questions to the form as you want.
  7. Click Save Form.

Form Details

  • Introduction text - A form can contain an introduction text to inform or alert the clinical personnel/subjects of certain factors when filling the form.
  • Inclusion/exclusion form - A form marked as inclusion/exclusion form requires the user to specify which answers will keep the subject included in the study. Inclusion/Exclusion form contains a fewer number of question types. Learn how to set it up.
  • Calculate a score - A score form calculates a total score for subjects based on the individual answers.
  • Single question fill out - Will present one question/information text at a time during subject event fill out, allowing subjects to go back and forth between the questions within a form.

Question Editor 

In Greenlight Guru Clinical, you can select up to 17 pre-defined question types. Each question type contains a number of different features that can be applied. The different options are the following:

  • Question text - Each question type requires you to specify the question text.
  • Mandatory/Optional - Select whether the question is mandatory to answer or not. If mandatory questions are not filled out, the form will not be considered completed.
  • Image as Question - Upload an image to your question.
  • Show rules - To modify the question visibility. To see more, please go to our Show rules article.
  • Validation rules - Enable to preventing self-inflicted errors during data entry by validating the provided answer to an e.g. manually defined min/max values. To see more, please go to our Validation rules article.
  • Advanced Options - Enable a help text to be shown under the question, save answer possibilities for re-use, Export Labels, and more. To see more, please go to our Form Advanced Options article.

Tips when creating a form:

  • Try to avoid open-ended questions that don't set specific options for response, as these types of questions are difficult to process later on.
  • Make sure to specify the unit and create min/max validation rules when you select Number as a question type. This will prevent self-inflicted data entry mistakes and eliminate errors.