Create Processes

Once your forms are finished it's time to set up a process or processes. A process consists of a number of data events which are points in your timeline where you collect data or provide some kind of information to the subjects. You can gather the forms you created into one or more data events for them to be filled out. Greenlight Guru Clinical has three different types of data events and they can be activated in different ways.  

Take a look at the following sections for a better understanding of how to set up your process! 

To create a process:

  1. Go to [Study Name] > Processes, or [Study Name] > Study Info.

  2. Click Create Process.

  3. Enter the name of the process and specify the process details.
  4. Click Add Data Event. A part where you can specify the data event details will appear.

  5. Select Data Event Type
  6. Specify Name and Activation for the data event. 
  7. In Forms to be filled out select which forms you want for that specific data event.
  8. Add as many data events to the process as you want.
  9. Finally, click Save Process. 

A process can include different data event types! You can start your process with an Information Event and then add one or more Subject Events. All you need to do to create different data event types is to press +Add Data Event and set up your next data event.  See more in our Data Event article.

Process Details

  • Consent Required - If enabled, specify a consent text subjects will have to accept before filling out the forms.
  • Unscheduled Events - If enabled, specify which forms should be used when the unscheduled visit is registered.
  • Discontinue Events - If enabled, specify which forms should be used when a subject is discontinued from the site.
  • Public Registration - Allows subjects to create their profile themselves and assign that profile to the process via a public link. Subjects will then be able to fill out the forms in the first data event directly (no email sent).
  • Enroll From Foreign Systems - Allows foreign systems to create/enroll subjects to sites using the process.