Custom look with HTML code

Use HTML code in your Forms and email templates to customize the look and feel of your Study

You can use HTML code to change the look of question text, validation rule text, help text, information text, and email body (in a Data Event). Change the color, size, or force a line break.

Text size and boldness

The text size can be changed by adding <h> in front of the text and </h> after the text. "h" stands for heading and a number should be added in order to specify the type/size of the heading.

3 examples of sizes for text:




These HTML codes will result in the text with the following sizes, respectively.

Custom look with HTML code 1

You can also surround text with <b> </b> (bold), <i></i> (italics) or <u></u> (underlined). Find the most common html code styles here:


To change the color of a text the following should be inserted as a HTML code, e.g. style="color: red;" 

HTML code for a few colours:

<p style="color: red;">SMART-TRIAL</p>Custom look with HTML code 2

<p style="color: blue;">SMART-TRIAL</p>  Custom look with HTML code 3

<p style="color: green;">SMART-TRIAL</p>  Custom look with HTML code 4

<p style="color: orange;">SMART-TRIAL</p>  Custom look with HTML code 5

It is also possible to change both the colour and size at the same time: <h1 style="color: red;">SMART-TRIAL</h1>

Custom look with HTML code 2

Force line breaks

Use <br/> to force a line break of a text.