If you need a date for a specific event, chose the Date question type. The Date question ensures that all dates will be answered in the same format and make it easier for you when doing your data processing. Greenlight Guru Clinical does automatically register when a form is filled out, but this information will not be visible in the export. If the date of fill out or something similar is needed as data in the export, you will need to create date as a question in a form. 

To create a Date question:

  1. Choose the Date question type.
  2. Fill in the question text
  3. Press Save Form or add another question or information text. 


When exporting the Date data, the format of the date will be DD-MM-YYYY

Date question in Greenlight Guru Clinical:

When presented with a Date question in Greenlight Guru Clinical, a menu will show with a calendar for the subject to choose the date: 


Need to be more specific? Try our Date and time question type!