Discontinue/Exclude Subjects

If you choose to discontinue a subject, you will not be able to reverse the subject to the study. The previously collected data for the specific subject will remain unaffected but the subject will not be a part of the study.

How to discontinue or exclude a subject:

  1. Go to Sites > [Site Name].
  2. Find the subject to discontinue/exclude and press the 'three-dotted button'

  3. Select Discontinue
  4. Specify whether you want to discontinue or exclude a subject from the site.

  5. Select what is the reason for discontinuing/excluding the subject from the site. You may also add a comment why.
  6. Click Discontinue Subject. Data events of the selected subjects will obtain Discontinued (grey) or Excluded (purple) status.

Use filters to display Ongoing, Discontinued, Completed, and Excluded subjects or only some of them.