Emergency Unblinding

If a subject has been randomized and you need to know which group the subject was allocated to, Emergency Unblinding can be used.

To unblind a subject:

1. Go to Sites > [Site Name]. A site overview will appear here.

2. Find the subject you want to know the allocation of, either by searching for their id or finding them manually.

3. Click on the three dots in the “Actions” column


4. Click on "Emergency unblinding"


Note: This action require that you have the Emergency Unblinding permission

5. Verify it is the correct subject id

6. Input your password and provide a reason for the unblinding


Note: This action is audit logged, and relevant personnel may be notified via email

7. Write down the allocation group, if needed.


8. If you wish to see the group again or see the allocation of another subject, repeat steps 2-7.