Exporting Data in SMART-TRIAL

Whether you want to export data because your study is finished or because you just want to look at the current data, the process is the same. You can choose to export data from a single site, all sites, or all sites with the same specific process.

When exporting data in SMART-TRIAL, you can export all your study data, or just parts of the data e.g. unscheduled events. It is up to you and your statisticians to select the data relevant for further analysis.

How to export data

Learn how to export data in this article: How to Export data

When can data be exported?

Data can be exported at any time. However only the full data set is currently exportable, so to do an interim analysis, you would export the data set and pull out the completed visits/forms. So long as the study setup does not change, the order of the questions in the export does not change, why you can create scripts and quickly pull out the data you need, whenever you create a new export.

Who can export data?

The study owner and anyone with the correct collaborator permission can export data. Learn more about permissions in our Permissions article.

One subject, multiple sites

Should you have a subject enrolled on multiple sites to accommodate multiple processes, the patient will have the same identifier but each site's data will have to be exported individually, and then combined manually afterwards.