File as Answer

When choosing the question type "File as Answer" study personnel are required to upload a file. The File Upload question type work similar to Image as Answer questions, but it supports any file type up to 10Mb and is not limited to image formats. All files are encrypted.

To create a File as Answer question:

  1. Click on the File as Answer in the question types.
  2. Fill in the Question text.
  3. Press Save Form or add another question or information text. 


The File as Answer question also allows you to use show rules and thereby help you determine which questions you or your respondents see next and hide questions of no relevance.

File as Answer in Greenlight Guru Clinical:

When selecting a "File as Answer" question in Greenlight Guru Clinical, the button will appear in the form from which it's possible to upload a file.


The size of the file is limited to 10Mb, and can only be downloaded by users with export permission.

When the file is uploaded, the name of the file will be shown in the question as illustrated below. The upload name can be seen by any with 'View Data' permission. This question type will not attempt to render the file in the browser, which is why images will not be displayed.


The File as Answer question type can also be used for image upload, but the image will not be shown as in Image as Answer instead the file name will be shown as visualised above.

If the file has to be removed, click on the upper right corner of the question. A dialog box will appear on top of the dots and to remove the file click "Remove answer".


How to download the collected data file:

To download the file after data gathering, click on the data event containing the file of interest and press the "view form answers" button to review the collected data.

Scroll down until you find the question of interest and click the "download file" button appearing below the file name.