File Vault

File vault is an add-on module for Greenlight Guru Clinical, that allows you to upload very big files and associate them with a subject + data event. The file vault can be scaled up in size from 100gb to 4 TB and allows for individual files of up to 20 Gb a piece. File vault allows for any file format to be uploaded, it simply stores the file without any attempts to run/execute/render the file. File vault can be accessed on a link unique to the study and log-in uses the same credentials as logging into the Greenlight Guru Clinical app. 

When you log in to File Vault, all stored data you have permission to access will be displayed in the overview seen. To upload data, press the black cloud in the upper right corner:


The next step is to specify the specific site, subject, and data event the data file is connected to, and lastly to choose the data file of interest. If needed you can upload more files at once by selecting multiple files in your folder.


After the file has been uploaded it will appear in the overview.

From the overview you can manage all the previously uploaded data, allowing you to download the files by pressing the cloud icon next to the data file of interest, and to delete a data file by pressing the garbage can icon. Lastly, you can sort the data by site, subject, and/or data event using the toggle filter, which is found in the upper right corner next to the uploading function.

To keep track of actions, File Vault has an audit log enabling you to see what has been edited, when and by whom. The audit log button is found in the upper right corner and will bring you to an overview of all actions, displayed in chronological order.


Please contact to hear more about File Vault