Form level export

Form level export will create a file/excel sheet per form, and pull data from everywhere the form(s) is/are used (depending on the site selection). There is the option to export a single form, multiple forms or all forms.

The form based export structure is suitable for statisticians or others looking to have a variable across all subjects/ data events (Unscheduled, discontinue, regular, external) in a single column.

Depending on the study setup, this export can get close to a domain specific export.


Each row will be one observation/record/instance where the form was answered. The columns ‘Data Event’ and ‘Data Event Label’ are used to determine when in the study process the form was answered/filled out.

Regular events will use their data event name and the export label, unscheduled will use ‘uns’, external ‘ext’ and discontinue ‘disc’

For multiple activation events, the column ‘Data Event Activation’ will denote which instance it was (1-n), for non-multiple activation events it will be denoted “NA”


The csv file/excel sheet name will depend on whether custom labels or Greenlight Guru Clinical labels are selected for the export.

For Custom Label: ExportLabel e.g. Demo

For Greenlight Guru Clinical labels: Fx-FormName e.g. F2-Demographics


For excel files, the sheet is limited to 31 characters, and will not end in a space. For csv the full form name will be written out