Inclusion/Exclusion Forms

Use the "Inclusion/exclusion form" feature to have SMART-TRIAL automatically exclude Subjects from a Study.

How to turn on this feature

You can enable this feature for a Form under Advanced Options >. Just click on the switch/button that has the label "Inclusion/exclusion form"InclExclForms1

Setting up the Form

After you turn on this feature, you can only use the following question types.

  • 5 Level smiley scale
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Yes/No

This is because SMART-TRIAL needs to kno what answer (possibility) should include a subject, and what possibility should not include a subject. This is not possible if a question is e.g. a free text or a number.

When you create a question, you have to remember to specify which possibility should INCLUDE a subject, by clicking the switch for that possibility.


More than one possibility can be selected to include a subject, e.g. if you have a multiple choice question where more than one answer can include a subject. All possibilities that are not selected for inclusion, will trigger the Subject's exclusion from the Study.


How does it work

When a user completes the Form in Test Mode or Collecting Data Mode (Production), and selects a possibility that is NOT marked for inclusion, the SMART-TRIAL System will automatically exclude the subject. The subject's status and all subsequent data events will be marked as excluded. 



If a mistake was done, the user can always correct it by changing the answer, thus including the subject again.