Inclusion/Exclusion Forms

Use the "Inclusion/exclusion form" feature to have Greenlight Guru Clinical automatically exclude Subjects from a Study.

How to turn on this feature

You can enable this feature for a Form under Advanced Options >. Just click on the switch/button that has the label "Inclusion/exclusion form"InclExclForms1

Setting up the Form

After you turn on this feature, you can only use the following question types.

  • 5 Level smiley scale
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Yes/No

This is because Greenlight Guru Clinical needs to know what answer (possibility) should include a subject, and what possibility should not include a subject. This is not possible if a question is e.g. a free text or a number.

When you create a question, you have to remember to specify which possibility should INCLUDE a subject, by clicking the switch for that possibility.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 14.23.54

More than one possibility can be selected to include a subject, e.g. if you have a multiple choice question where more than one answer can include a subject. All possibilities that are not selected for inclusion, will trigger the Subject's exclusion from the Study.


How does it work

When a user completes the Form in Test Mode or Collecting Data Mode (Production), and selects a possibility that is NOT marked for inclusion, the Greenlight Guru Clinical System will automatically exclude the subject. The subject's status and all subsequent data events will be marked as excluded. 



If a mistake was done, the user can always correct it by changing the answer, thus including the subject again.