Free Text and Free Text Single Sentence

If your subject needs to type in their own answer or elaborate on a previous answer, Free text and Free text (single sentences) is the question type to go for! 

Depending on how long you expect your subject's answer to be, you can choose between Free text or Free text (single sentences). The Free text single sentences are limited to a single line answer and should be used for shorts answers, eg. names. For longer answers use Free text.

To create a Free text or Free text (single sentence) question:

  1. Choose either Free text or Free text (single sentences) in Question types.
  2. Fill in the Question text.
  3. Save Form or add another question or information text. 


Free text in Greenlight Guru Clinical:

Free text and Free text (single sentences) will be presented the same way in Greenlight Guru Clinical, they only differ in the amount of text the subject is able to enter as an answer.