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How to Build a Case Study

The building steps for all Greenlight Guru Clinical products are mostly the same but the occurring differences and extra features that are worth remembering when building a case study are explained in this article. 

  1. When creating a study, select Cases as your product. If you wish to send out the case-based questionnaires through SMS, you can enable the "SMS Event" function in the add-ons menu. White labeling and the translation module might also be relevant for your case-based study and these can also be enabled in the add-ons menu. 
    Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 12.32.59
  2. If you want to send out the survey via email or SMS, then remember to select at least E-mail and/or mobile number.
  3. When creating the process, "Subject Event" and "Information Event" will be the available types of data events you can select between. 
  4. You will only be able to create one data event, but this will still enable your subjects to enter data on multiple cases as many times as they want to.
  5. You can select whether you want to send a link to the case-based questionnaires via E-mail or E-mail and SMS or not to send it out at all. You can select the "do not send" option in case you want to use the public registration function.
  6. In the process, you can enable Public Registration which will allow the subjects to access your survey via a unique link that is created for each site in your study. To read more about signing up through a shared link you can read the Public Registration and Re-Enrollment article. You can also enable Public Re-Enrollment in the process if needed in your study.
  7. When the study is created, everything is set up, and data collection is initiated, it is possible to review the form answers through the site overview