Information Event

Information events are used to inform and provide contextual information.

Information event is only available when Email or Mobile number is selected as mandatory subject profile attributes – if these are selected as optional subject profile attributes Information event will not be available!

To create an Information Event:

  1. Select Information Event as the type
  2. Write Name for the event. The name is used for internal identification only and is not visible to the subjects.
  3. Choose Activation
  4. Choose whether to send the link by Email or via Email and SMS.
  5. Specify Email Content to be sent out to the subjects.
    Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 14.18.26
  6. Press Save Process or + Add Data Event, to add additional data event.

Be very aware of how you write the e-mail subject and its contents. Text in CAPS, "unnormal" e-mail subject/contents, and strange links WILL activate SPAM filters and result in e-mails not being received by subjects.