Information Text

Information text is a good way to elaborate on questions, give information in regards to how to answer the form, or explain what comes next.

The top menu lets you switch between normal, bold, italic, bulleted/numbered setup or Information text can be set up with either normal text or by HTML code by switching between the two states in the arrows in the right side menu. 

Underneath you can find some examples of how to use information text in your form.InformationText1

Information text is limited to 1024 characters!

When using the information text you can also add show rules, which help you determine which questions/information text you or your respondents will see next. To see more, please go to our Show rules article.


Beneath you will find an example of how to use information text to inform the subject on how to answer the following questions:

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 10.29.32


Information text can be used to elaborate on a question if the question text is too long for the question text and help text


HTML code:

Using HTML code for the design of the information text provides you with numerous opportunities additional to the top menu. Some of the options are to change color, size of the text, and/or adding a picture to the information text.

You can switch to HTML mode by clicking on the two arrows.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 10.30.20


The size of the information text can be changed by adding <h> in front of the information text and </h> after the text. "h" stands for heading and a number should be added in order to specify the type/size of the heading.

3 examples of sizes for the information text:

<h1>Greenlight Guru Clinical</h1>

<h2>Greenlight Guru Clinical</h2>

<h3>Greenlight Guru Clinical</h3>

These HTML codes will result in the information texts with the following sizes, respectively.



To change the color of the information text the following should be inserted into the HTML code: style="color: red;"  This will result in a red information text.

HTML code for a few colours:

<p style="color: red;">Greenlight Guru Clinical</p> Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 14.41.24

<p style="color: blue;">Greenlight Guru Clinical</p>  InformationText7

<p style="color: green;">Greenlight Guru Clinical</p>  Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 14.40.57

<p style="color: orange;">Greenlight Guru Clinical</p>  Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 14.41.06

It is also possible to change both the color and size at the same time: <h1 style="color: red;">Greenlight Guru Clinical</h1>

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 14.41.24-1


By using the HTML code, you are also allowed to add pictures to your information text. This can be advantageous in cases where the subject or study personnel have to identify which group the subject belongs to or there is some visual instruction to go along with a form.

To add a picture to the information text use <img src=" "> in the HTML code. When you find an ideal picture right-click on it and choose "Copy image address". Now you can paste the image address into the HTML code. 

<img src="">

This HTML code will add the below image to the information text.

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 14.41.40

For more HTML options go to:, please note that not all HTML commands are supported.