Lock/Unlock Data Event

As long as a Data Event is not locked, it's possible for the site staff to make changes to the forms. To secure the answers/data in the form you can lock the Data Event.  

Locking Data Event:

  1. Click on the specific Data Event you want to lock.
  2. Press Lock Data Event.

  3. Type in your password for SMART-TRIAL, to confirm.

  4. A little lock icon will appear in the top right corner of the Data Event, and The Data Event is now locked.  

If the whole process for the subject is completed and the subject needs to be signed Off, take a look at our Sign off Subject article.

Unlocking Data Event

  1. Click on the specific Data Event you want to unlock.
  2. Press Unlock Data Event.

  3. Type in your SMART-TRIAL password, to confirm.

  4. The Data Event is now unlocked, and you can correct the data within the forms. 

Even though the data event is locked, it’s still possible to make Queries in the forms.