Number question lets the subject answer with a number. You can specify the range for the answer and choose to use decimal numbers. 

To create a number question:

  1. Select Number in question types.
  2. Enter the Question text.

  3. By clicking Validation rules you can choose to use decimal numbers and to use Validation rules to validate the answers. To see more, please go to our Validation rules article.


  4. You can choose to add Show rules, Validation rules or/and Advanced Options to customize the question.
  5. Press Save Form or add another question or information text. 

If you use decimal numbers, the question must be answered by N.N. You can't answer with e.g. 5!

Number question in Greenlight Guru Clinical:

The layout of a Number question in Greenlight Guru Clinical:


Answers from Number questions can be used in Calculated Questions!