Save Possibilities

In some cases, the questions in a form may change, while the answer possibilities remain the same. In such cases, you have the option of saving the added answer possibilities and reuse them for new questions. your saved possibilities will be saved under question types. This method will save you a lot of time! 

To save your possibilities:

  1. Chose your Question type.
  2. Add the possibilities for the question.

  3. In Question text, instead of typing the question text, type a headline that implies which possibilities are added in order for you to reuse the possibilities easily.
  4. Click Advanced Options and press Save possibilities.

  5. Your possibilities are now saved under the specific Question type you used while adding the answer possibilities. The answer possibilities can be found at the bottom of the menu in the user-defined section of the question type dropdown window.

  6. Every time you need the possibilities, select the user-defined Questions type > [headline]
  7. Change the headline in Question text to your question text. 
  8. Add a new question and repeat as many times as needed

You can save multiple possibilities, so chose a headline for each saved possibility that makes it easy to differentiate between the possibilities!