Show Rules

Question Visibility

Question Visibility feature in Greenlight Guru Clinical is a form of logic that can be applied to your forms. Setting up rules will change how the form/questionnaire behaves based on the answers you or your respondents provide. In simple words, question visibility rules will help you determine which questions you or your respondents see next and hide questions of no relevance.

To add a show rule:

  1. In the form builder view, select the question you want to hide in the question overview located on the left side.
  2. Access question visibility options by clicking on Show rules.
  3. Click "+ ADD SHOW RULE" and specify the conditions under which the question should be visible. 

  4. Select which possibility (or possibilities) of the prior question you'd like it to be dependent on. You can have your question shown if one or more of the possibilities are selected. As such, an 'OR' condition is applied between all possibilities.

  5. If you need to have the question be dependent on more than one question, you can add more show rules. Which again, will be using the 'OR' condition, to specify the visibility of your question.

Example #1: ‘Question 1’ – if the answer is ‘Possibility 1’, the current question will be visible to the participant filling out the form. So only if the answer to question 1 is 'Possibility 1', the question with the show rule will be shown otherwise it will be hidden.


Example #2: ‘Question 1’ – if the answer is ‘Possibility 1’ OR ‘Possibility 2’, the current question will be visible to the participant filling out the form. If the answer is something else than 'Possibility 1' OR ‘Possibility 2’, the question will not be shown.


Question types:

Show rules can be applied if the previous question is of the following question type: 5 Level Smiley Scale, Yes/no, Multiple Choice, or Multiple Response.