Single Question Fill Out

A new way for subjects to fill out questionnaires, one question at a time.

How does Single question fill out work

  • One question/information text will be presented at a time (one question per screen).
  • Only available during subject fill out.
  • The form will appear like a regular form when filled out / reviewed from within Greenlight Guru Clinical.
  • It enables that the subject can go back and forth between questions when filling out the form. 

Note: It is only possible to continue forward if the question is in a savable state, i.e. no "Block" validation rule is broken.

  • It is possible to add a footer text that will be visible at the bottom of every screen.

How to turn on this feature

You can enable this feature for a Form under Advanced Options. Just click on the toggle that has the label "Single question fill out". 

Below the toggle you will see the footnote where you can add a footnote text that will appear at the bottom of the screen for every question in the formSingleQuestionFillOut

Setting up the Form

After turning on this feature, the form is set up the same way as a normal form by adding questions and/or information text.


Note: Since only one question/introduction text is shown at a time, you cannot use the information text as e.g. an intro above a question. Instead, you can write the information in the question text itself or as a help text under advanced options.

How does it look when filling out the form

When filling out the form, one question will appear at a time. If you answer a valid answer, you will be able to click "Continue" to move to the next question. You will be able to click "Back" to go to the previous answer which can then be changed.



Mobile fill out

If a Single Question Fill Out form is accessed via a mobile device, it will use a different design. This is to ensure the combination of:

  • 1 x one line question text
  • 5 x one line possibilities

Will always be visible along side the the action buttons (Continue, Back, Submit) when viewed on a mobile phone of iPhone 8 dimensions in a Safari browser.

This allows for a number of validated questionnaires to be replicated.

Always ensure you have the appropriate license agreement in place prior to creating a validated questionnaire in Greenlight Guru Clinical.