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SMART-TRIAL Subscriptions

SMART-TRIAL provides 5 subscriptions that can be used for different clinical purposes. A short description of each is given in this article. To find more information on these subscriptions click on this link or contact our support team at support@smart-trial.com
  • ePRO: Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome which can be used to collect data directly from the subjects. A number of questionnaires are sent out to the subject through email or SMS and then they can provide you with the necessary data for your study. This subscription is typically applicable for long-term PMCF studies.
  • eCRF: Electronic Case Report Form is a subscription that can be applied for both pre and post-market studies. eCRF is used to collect data on the subject's behalf and the data is entered directly into the SMART-TRIAL system by clinical staff. 
  • Suite: This subscription is a combination of both ePRO and eCRF.
  • Cases: This subscription allows clinicians to enter data via a simple questionnaire on a case-by-case basis when it fits into their work schedule. SMART-TRIAL Cases are particularly useful for PMCF studies if your study does not require a long-term follow-up and if the data of interest is already a part of the standard clinical pathway.
  • Survey: This subscription is very similar to Cases since it allows ad-hoc entry, so the clinicians can go in and enter data whenever they want. Surveys are however more applicable for one-time data collection.  SMART-TRIAL's Survey is a tool that is specifically designed and developed to handle the need for the collection of both pre and post-market data.