Study Notifications

The Study notification module allows you to implement different listeners that will be triggered by specific events:

New subject enrolled, Subject randomized, AE/SAE created, system generated query, and Study amended.

Upon being triggered the event will do one of the following:

  • Send an email to specified email addresses 
  • or a HTTP POST to a specified endpoint

You can enable study notifications when creating your study or by clicking on "Edit study" in the study overview.

When setting up the study notifications, you can select when a notification should be triggered and what to trigger.

The specified emails will ALWAYS receive an email if the event occurs. It is possible to setup as many event listeners as you wish, i.e. you can have both a "when subject is enrolled" and a "AE/SAE created" that is sending email to different people.

The name of the Study notification is included in the email body. Therefore give it a descriptive name.

Contact for more information on how to use hooks in your study. 

If your organisation already has an agreement on Event notifications, please contact to have it enabled on a specific study