Subject Profile

To access a subject profile:

  1. Go to Sites > [Site Name].
  2. Click on the [Subject Name/ID]. You will be redirected to the subject profile view containing basic information about the subject.

View Subject Profile

Here you find all available information (demographics) about the selected subject.

You can Edit/Change all subject demographics, or mark the subject as Archived from this view by clicking the buttons in the top right corner.



SMART-TRIAL allows you to register the medication the subject is taking, both IMP and concomitant. Read more about how to register and manage medication entries in our Medication article.


Medication Accounting

Medication accounting can be used to register all study related medication delivered to subjects, and to monitor how much IMP is lost or returned. Read more in Medication Accounting article.


Record History

See detailed information about the subject's pathway records and see the status of the subject in the study. Under the Actions column, you can view Form answers, or print all Data Events for the subject by clicking on the print icon. 


AE/SAE Reports

AE/SAE Reports view will give you an overview of all AE/SAE reports registered for the selected subject. Read more about how to report, edit or sign an adverse event in our AE/SAE Reports article.