Test Study

To ensure your forms and processes work the way you intend them to, we recommend testing your study before the actual data collection begins. To be able to test your study setup, you have to have at least one form, one process, and one site in your study. The system in test mode acts exactly as it does when it is in data collection mode. You can end the test at any time.

To test your study:

  1. Go to [Study Name]
  2. Click Test Study button.

    Test Study 1

  3. A dialogue box will appear, in order to confirm the action click yes.

    Test Study 2

  4. Your study will change the Status from Building to Test Mode.

Test mode will allow you to test your study setup with up to 5 subjects.

To stop the test mode:

  1. Go to [Study Name] > Study Info.
  2. Click Stop test mode button and confirm the action.

    Test Study 3
  3. Your study will change the Status from Test Mode to Building.

All data/subjects created during the test will be lost once the test mode is stopped.