Undo Discontinue or Exclusion

In case a subject has been accidentally discontinued or excluded, there are ways to get the original subject back, without having to create it as a new subject.

Undo accidental discontinue:

Discontinuation cannot be reversed, however, you can re-reroll the subject which will save you from entering the subject attributes again.

To re-enroll the subject do as follows:

  1. Go to Sites > [Site Name].
  2. Click Re-Enroll Subjects button.

  3. A new box will appear, select the discontinued subject(s) you want to re-enroll.

  4. Click Enroll Subject(s). The subject(s) will be enrolled to the site and be visible in the site overview

The Site Overview will still contain the discontinued subject with all the previously entered data. If site overview is sorted for 'Ongoing' the discontinued patient will be hidden.

The subject's data event will NOT begin from where they were. You will have to manually activate the appropriate data event and disable any prior data events (toggle the button that pops up).

Undo accidental exclusion:

An accidental exclusion can be entirely reversed and the patient included in the study.

This is done via the following steps, assuming you are at the correct site:

  1. Ensure you can see excluded subjects via the "Status filter". This should be toggled as either "None" or "Excluded"

  2. Click on the data event containing the inclusion/exclusion form and click "View Form Answers".

  3. Click "Edit Answers" in the top left corner.

  4. Find the question which caused the exclusion and edit the answer.