Enable Unscheduled Events

Unscheduled Events lets you choose between mandatory and optional forms. Mandatory forms have to be filled out every time an Unscheduled Event occur while optional forms, as the name suggests, are optional to fill out. Remember to create the unscheduled event forms as regular forms before creating and defining the process of an unscheduled event.

Enable Unscheduled Event for your study:

  1. Go to Create Processes by clicking on the button in the top menu in the study overview. 
  2. Select New Process in the upper left corner. 
  3. Enable the Unscheduled Events button.
  4. Select mandatory and optional forms, if all forms are mandatory, leave the optional forms field empty.
  5. Click Save Process when you are done setting up your process
    Enable Unscheduled Events 1

Reporting an Unscheduled Event:

  1. The study has to be in either test or data collection mode in order to report an unscheduled event
  2. Go to the site of interest
  3. Find the relevant subject and click on the unscheduled event icon Enable Unscheduled Events 2below actions
  4. A menu will show up with a marking on the mandatory forms and with the option of selecting between your optional forms.

    Enable Unscheduled Events 3

The permission "Unscheduled" is required for reporting an unscheduled event.