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What is Greenlight Guru Clinical?

Greenlight Guru Clinical is a web-based application for electronic data capture, designed to support the validation of medical innovation. Greenlight Guru Clinical enables Medtech organisations to measure performance and validate technology in a simple, secure, and efficient manner.

How do I use Greenlight Guru Clinical?

Here are the 5 terms that would help you understand how Greenlight Guru Clinical works:

  • Forms: A form in Greenlight Guru Clinical is what you use to specify what data you wish to collect. A form can be used as a questionnaire for a subject to answer, or you can type in the data yourself which you wish to collect. If applicable, you can re-use these forms throughout your study by including them in multiple data events, or save them for use in other studies.
  • Processes: A process is the series of interventions/data events each subject in your study will go through. It is possible to have multiple processes, each containing a number of previously created forms of your choice.
  • Data Event: A data event is a point in time in your project/study where data collection occurs e.g. at a visit to a clinic.
  • SitesStudies vary in size and can involve a single site or multiple research sites. Each site has its own site overview with the list of all subjects enrolled to that particular site, and data events specified in the process assigned to this site.
  • SubjectsA subject in Greenlight Guru Clinical is a person you wish to collect the data from. When creating the study, you select which attributes shall be used to identify your study subjects e.g. Subject ID, Initials, and/or E-mail.