White Labeling

Personalize your study by showing your subjects your logo when they fill out their questionnaires and your company name when they receive an email and SMS.


Enable this feature in the study builder in the "add-ons" window

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 12.16.49

Add a direct link to an image e.g.: https://assets.website-files.com/5ebe569b462b76fba3ad5095/5ec0127e9598bc235bd33c7a_Logo-big-fullcolor.png to have the image shown within the study and on any subject questionnaire.

It is best to use PNG format with 72 and higher dpi for the image to ensure that logotype looks good on all types and sizes of screens.

Note: The format of the image source should be jpeg or png, otherwise, the logo will not be shown.

White labeling in action

The size of the logo is primarily restrained by height to ensure that UI and UX are kept intact. The logo is constrained by heights and then width is automatically adjusted to keep the ration and avoid stretching or shrinking the image.

Study personnel view

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 12.20.09

Size: maximum height 48 px, width adjusted to keep the ratio. We therefore recommend using neither too wide nor too tall logos.

Subject view

On desktop or larger devices the logo will use its max height and width 250 px

On smartphones with smaller screens logotype size is adjusted to keep the usability and visibility of the fill out form. The logotype will change dynamically depending on the screen size.

Average logotype size on iPhone 6/7/8 (375x557) is 53px x 250px

White Labeling 3

  • 250px x 53 px on the sign up page
  • 100x x 20px  for Single Question Fill Out forms, when viewing on a mobile device.

Outside Greenlight Guru Clinical:


White Labeling 4

Size: Width 170 px, height adjusted

Location: Top left corner of the email.

You can read about how to customize the email in the Subject Event help article.

Custom sender

White labelling allows you to pick the sender-name that your subjects will see when they receive emails or SMS from your study. This can be configured or changed at any time during the ongoing study.

Commonly either the company name or the study name is as the custom sender.

The default sender for SMS and email is "Greenlight Guru Clinical", which you can change using white labeling.

A maximum of 32 characters are allowed in the email sender and a maximum of 12 characters are allowed for the SMS sender.